Item 427Evo Spec K67 - BMW S1000RR K67 Quickshifter-Blipper

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BMW S1000RR K67 Model Quickshifter-Blipper
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GP ASG Superbike Quickshifter – Blipper
Item 427Evo-Spec-K67 
Application: BMW S1000RR K67 and BMW M1000RR
Interface: ‘plug and play’
The Cordona analogue 0-5v load cell with strain gauge technology from MotoGP, gives your gear shifts a significant upgrade in performance. You will experience a faster, smoother and more distinct gear shift performance that affect your bike chassis less than any OEM shifter. The completely sealed sensor without moving parts gives a far better reliability than any OEM shifter.
The new introduced EVO version have a digitally ‘spring-loaded’ output signal which results in even faster shifts for many bikes from street, adventure to superbikes. 

Complete gear linkage
150mm* aluminium rod with M6 left and right threads, 
left and right rod ends/uniballs** 
left-right nut-stud
4 cable ties 
3M Velcro 
*different rod lengths can be ordered if needed, see Spare part and Installation Materials.
** high spec SKF racing rod ends/uniballs can be ordered separately, see Spare part and Installation Materials.
Technical specification
@ 0-5v analogue high sensitive Strain Gauge GP ASG Superbike load cell
@ strain gauge technology, no moving parts in sensor
@ linear dual analogue output to bike ECU, 2.5 and 1.25v  (at neutral gear), range 300N to 0.5v/4.5v
@ the EVO version have a output signal with ‘rate dependent hysteresis’ character
@ configurable push or pull direction
@ 5-15v DC power supply
@ 20MHz processor with adaptive calibration for temperature & vibration
@ max temperature sensor 125°C (150°C for short periods), electronic module 85°C 
@ temperature drift <0.04% within operation range -10°C to 125°C.
@ completely sealed and weather protected (IP68) sensor and module 
@ high precision CNC machined stainless steel housing
@ dimensions; 45mm long, 14mm diameter
@ total weight sensor-electronics 55g, complete linkage incl. rod-uniballs 120g
@ M6 ’magical’ threads, left and right threads in both sensor ends
@ CE mark (EMC radiated)