Cordona 417Evo MX Quickshifter

The first working quickshifter for MX, Enduro and SuperMoto categories
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now available for order

• Full throttle smooth and distinct gear shifts
• Easier gear shifts in heavy track conditions such as heavy sand tracks
• Energy saver - rider gets less tired
• Less gearbox wear with perfectly timed gear shifts
• Plug and play system crafted with top quality materials for superb reliability

• Digital Switch ’Stand-Alone’ Quickshifter connected to ignition coil or fuel injection
• Adjustable kill time and shift force
• Integrated Strain Gauge/load cell in new developed Cordona MX aluminium shift lever
• Robust design developed for conditions in top level MX and Enduro racing
• Plug and play system
• Optional - Analogue Output for logging of up/down shift force

Cordona 417Evo MX Quickshifter
• Cordona developed shift lever in aerospace aluminium with integrated strain gauge /
load cell
• New developed electronic module with solid state/MOSFET technology
• Cordona loom with Spec55/Raychem aerospace quality cables and OEM connectors
• Connected to bike Fuel Injector +12v with a closed loop that opens when shift

- How can a quick shift make you smile?


Strain Gauge sensor - load cell technology


Precision Quickshifter 8

GP ASG Superbike
Quickshifter - Blipper


- Adjustable kill time
- Compus shift
- Smooth shift
- Connects to ignition coils or fuel injection
- Bike specific plug and play harness
- Digital GP SG switch with configurable shift direction
- Adjustable pre load
- Aluminium rod included
- Completely sealed and weather protected



- 0-5v analogue high sensitive Superbike sensor
- Connects directly to bike ECU's with up and down shift functionality
- Configurable shift direction
- Load cell technology
- 20MHz processor with adaptive calibration for temerature and vibration


- Aluminium rod included in all kits
- Stainless steel nuts and studs
- High spec uniballs and installation materials in Special kits

Upgrade your Superbike with MotoGP style gear shifts!
- Distinct, precise and smooth!
Faster gear changes gives better mechanical grip and use of less traction control.


Izan Guevara, Aspar Team  
moto3 world champion 2022!

Congratualtions!!! What a rider! #28

With Cordona
 GP SG 410KTM Aout digital switch

Moto3 approved by IRTA
Homologated for
KTM Factory Moto3 
Honda Racing Moto3

Delivered with all KTM / Husqvarna / GASGAS Factory Moto3 bikes in MotoGP and CEV
Supplied to KTM Factory RC4R bike for Northern Talent Cup

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