Item 465 - Honda CB650R/CBR650R 2019-2020 Quickshifter

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Strain Gauge GP SG Switch Quickshifter
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Item 465 - standard Strain Gauge GP SG Switch for Honds CB/CBR650 up to -2020 includes;

@ strain gauge/load cell technology - no movable parts with very distinct and precise gear change
@ sensor design - fully sealed and super durable CNC high precision strainless steel sensor
@ switch quickshifter -  can be set to close (t1) or open (t2) the loop for upshift
@ adaptive sensing of direction - upshift configurable for push or pull gear linkage
@ preload - adjustable from 1 to 40kg
@ automatic sensor calibration- a replacement sensor will be automatically calibrated at power up
@ magic threads- M6 right and left threads can be used in both ends
@ connector - 3-way SuperSeal connector to bike ECU or PQ8 kit harness
@ 160mm aluminium rod
@ nut - stud kit