Item 237FI-PEG - BMW r9t Fuel Inj. Quickshifter-PEG

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BMW r9t Fuel Inj. Quickshifter-PEG
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Precision Quickshifter 8
Stand alone quickshifter system for 2-4 cylinder bikes

@ compus shift -  calculates  a perfect kill time in the complete rpm range 
@ smooth shift - minimize chocks in the gear box and loss of traction with 
     starting up all cylinders in a computer controlled sequence
@ adjustable kill time from 40 to 80 ms
@ auto shift for drag race
@ waterproof fully sealed high quality design

GP SG Switch
@ strain gauge digital switch sensor 
@ adjustable shift direction and pre-load
@ completely sealed and weather protected sensor and module
@ high precision CNC machined stainless steel housing 

Harness and Rod kit
@ bike specific plug and play harness  connected to bike coils and ECU, +12v and GND
@ aluminium rod, right and left nuts and studs. The rod can be shortened to fit.