423 - Strain Gauge ASG Quickshifter / Blip - MV Agusta

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New plug/play GP ASG (analogue quickshifter) for MV Agusta with 2.5V trigger signal from quickshifter to ECU. The 423 have down shift (blip) possible for bikes with blip enabled in ECU. 
Replace OEM quickshifter for newer Brutale, Brutale RR, Dragster 800, Dragster 800RR, F3 675, F3 800, Rivale 800, Stradale 800, Veloce 800 with 3 wires in quickshifter connector.

Configurable for push or pull linkage.
Pinbolts and std 132 mm aluminium rod included. Some bikes might need different rod lenght.
For questions contact info@cordona.net