Precision BlipBox - Yamaha R6 2017 -

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Precision BlipBox Yamaha R6
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We are very happy to present the best external auto blipper system on the market now combined with our Cordona GP ASG Superbike load cell. 
The Blip Box system works by modifying the throttle twist grip signal when shifting so the bike ECU thinks that the rider is making these perfectly timed ‘blips’. In combination with a Cordona strain gauge load cell this gives the very consistent, smooth, and distinct shifting.
  • Supplied pre-programmed for your bike and the BLIP is triggered by a load cell sensor on the shift rod 
  • Supplied with a BLIP-Map for your bike but also fully re-programmable to suit different rider, tracks, gear ratios, and foot rest hardware 
  • The standard up-switch shifter is removed and replaced with the load cell, this same load cell is used to trigger the up-shift. 
  • Standard and reverse shifting fully supported and changeable by the user without PC 
  • No ECU re-flash needed

In cooperation with Bike Sport Developments Ltd.