Item 420Evo-SpecialeV2 - Ducati Panigale V2 Quickshifter - Blipper

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Item 420Evo- SpecialeV2, Analouge high sensitive GP ASG Superbike quickshifter/blip sensor for new Ducati Panigale V2.
Replace OEM DQS for up and downshift. 

Completely plug and play mounted with Pinbolts and 110mm aluminium rod and uniballs included.The new developed GP ASG Superbike sensor is a direct plug & play OEM replacement  quickshifter/blipper (or only quickshifter) for modern Superbikes and Streetbikes with an analogue 0-5v interface to the ECU.

The GP ASG Superbike sensor greatly improves the gear change performance and gives a superior distinct and smooth gear change feeling similar to top GP and WSBK systems.     

The Strain Gauge technology is far more realible than spring loaded OEM shifters and is fully wather protected.
The GP ASG Superbike is easliy configurable for push or pull gear linkage (street or race gear shift).