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New Cordona quickshifter

This new plug-and-play PQ8 Quickshifter system will allow clutchless upshifts without the need to back off the throttle – perfect for making up vital seconds on the track.

It comes complete with a ‘strain gauge’ shifter and is compatible with any aftermarket fuelling management system such as Power Commanders.

The system also includes includes a wiring loom and PQ8 CPU. It is said to calculate a perfect kill time for each clutchless upshift according to engine conditions, acceleration, load and rpm. It’s adjustable between 40-80 milliseconds.

There’s shift light circuitry built in, with ‘shift soon’ functions (an LED will come on for 1000rpm before upshift rpm).

The ‘auto-shift’ function can be selected to activate the shifter automatically at an adjustable rpm. You just need to keep the shifter pedal pre-loaded between upshifts.

South African Championship 2014
” Ran 1st round of Superbike Nationals on Sunday.

Our team took Pole Position in 1000cc class on Saturday (Clinton Seller) He went on to win both heats by about 9 seconds and 5 seconds respectively. We also took Pole in the 600cc Class with Steven Odendaal winning both heats.

The Team is very happy with Cordona Shifters with comments like “shifts like cutting butter” and “best shifter I have ever used” made. The PQ8’s gave trouble free operation over the whole weekend. Thank you very much. ” .

Filip Backlund

With the Cordona GP SG Switch I just touch the Shifter pedal and next gear is in, with hardly any work at all. It makes it easy to go fast and up shifts are done with very little effort.

We have lowered the kill time with 5ms because the up shift is soo fast compared to the previous sensor.

We have installed Cordona Quickshifters on all my bikes and have not touched them since installation. They have worked flawlessly all season.

Johan ”Stiggy” Stigefelt, 2012 team manager RW racing.

“We installed GP SG item 400 on Brad’s Moto3 bike and connected it to FIM Dellorto ECU and after it was dialed in we never touched it again during the whole season”.


Video of CBR600RR on track with PQ8 and Batwing.

"What is it like to use a Cordona Quickshifter; does the bike dip fwd at up shift or not?". 

Våler 2010 Roadracing treningssamling 2-3 mai


Rickard Larsson - Nordic BoTT title winner

"I am superpleased with the performance of the PQ8, just finished a rain race and the PQ8 gave me even smoother up shifts in the slippery conditons than in the dry; I didn't change the set up at all, the PQ8 calculated what Killtime and Smooth Shift parameter to use automatically, amazing".

Kai Børre Andersen - Norweigan Superbike champion

"I have missed one up shift in 2009, and that was not because of the Quickshifter, works great, can't ask for more".