500 - Batwing Shift Light Amber

635 SEK
Inc. 25% Tax
Heads up display tach

• Head up display tach

• Keep your eyes on the track ahead instead of at the tach.

• Lower your lap times by up shifting with precision on the power curve, not too early, not too late.

• Plugs into the PQ8 wiring harness with a waterproof connector.

• Up shift rpm set with 100rpm accuracy with 3 digits on the PQ8 (13300rpm) .

• Shift soon function, steady light for 1000rpm, Batwing then flashes with the frequency of rpm increase to really alert the rider it is time to up shift..

• Single super high intensity amber brand name LED. LED is so powerful that it has built in cooling plate

• RPM adjustable 0-20000rpm.

• Self test when ignition is switched on, LED will come on for 2 sec to let the rider know the unit is ok.

• CNC made black plastic housing and CNC made aluminum bracket.

• Extremely light weight; less than 35g

What's included in the kit?
Batwing LED unit, Molded in 1,5 m cable, waterproof connector.

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